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HARSUKH BUSINESS FOUNDATION incorporated as a section 8 company with ROC; Recognised by “Government of India Ministry of Commerce & Industry – DPIIT (Certificate No. DIPP95440)”, the main objects of the foundation are promotion of commerce to enable opportunities to the unorganised segment of workforce & educated unemployed.

Certificate of incorporation

Certificate of Recognition

We have extensively studied & researched on the barriers faced by the unorganised workforce in finding work opportunities to support their livelihoods, as they are scattered across the country residing in fringe areas/ villages adjoining towns/ cities, often forced to migrate to different corners of the country in search of work and are mainly dependent on middlemen or platforms who extract a premium on their sweat.


Making unorganized segment self-reliant – Millions of workers belonging to the unorganized segment of the society in independent India struggle to find work and sustain their livelihoods and be economically self-reliant, every household should be able to sustain the needs and wants of growing children and ageing parents, be able to afford these from their own earnings. They should also have access to social security, including health care, child care, insurance and pension.

We at Harsukh are committed to bring about rapid transformation in the lives of workmen & women belonging to the unorganized segment and educated unemployed youth, by creating earning opportunities, access to resources necessary to perform tasks, access to information on work opportunities across India.




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Frequently Asked Question


“Network Associate” is an individual, who is desirous of starting own business, does not have any idea, source or resources but is qualified with a bachelor’s degree or above (Mandatory requirement), who is determined to succeed in life and is willing to invest his/ her hard work to achieve success, S/he is willing to work as a team, who motivates other teammates, respects suggestions from team mates and is able to take decisions with the team of associates to whom membership is granted by HBF. The associate is entitled to attend training programs conducted by HBF and participate in initiatives designed by HBF. Network Associates shall strictly follow the rules & regulations along with policy guidelines as prescribed by HBF.
The entrepreneur or startup associate is a association where the individual or firm have a registered and defined business model and identity, who may be established in their business activity or trying to establish as a business entity, these individuals/ firms join HBF to promote or expand their business interests, to generate traction with the consumers, they seek access to either the market or the source to generate business, HBF association will be helpful in promoting their ideas to the market through the network associates (Who will charge a nominal fee according to the intricasy of the task that can be mutually discussed between them). HBF will support and promote initiatives of entrepreneurs / Startups by giving free promotional access & listing on HBF & Associated entities websites, without any discrimination, although with due diligence and reservations on similar or contradictory promotions that are detrimental to the interests of HBF or Associated entities.
A professional/ Consultant Associate is an individual or firm who are domain experts who have complete knowledge of the profession they practise, like Lawyers/ Auditors/ Industry specialists, etc, the profession of these associates is generally dependent on referrals, and promotional listings on various platforms, Professional & consultant Associates can derive advantage from HBF through Network Associates who can generate leads concerning their area of expertise, it may be in form of referring clients, customers, suppliers, human resource or any other form of support at a nominal charge (can be discussed mutually) In case, any associate wants to utilize the services of the professional associates, the price, scope of services, quality and terms of payment can be mutually discussed by themselves.
HBF is a platform where individuals / Entrepreneurs belonging to the rural / village segment are very important as they are present in a place where all the agricultural produce of India is generated, they have a huge scope in various fields like crop sowing information, crop produce information, types of crop, acerage of plantations, which is very important for major food industries, as a matter of fact they are an important link between the farmer, processor & consumer, moreover after the repeal of farm laws their prominence will increase with the wide scope of market availability.
HBF is a platform designed with a good intention and objective to promote commercial activity that directly or indirectly generates opportunities to the educated (unemployed) and the unorganised segment of the society, therefore any act or intention by any one or a group of associates that directly or indirectly affects the goodwill or reputation of this organisation will be dealt with severity although HBF does not take direct responsibility of any such acts, but will make sure that legal remedy is provided to the affected, and will take care that such acts are not repeated in future.
A Network Associate is indipendently operating his/ her business within a network of like minded associates for furthering their business initiatives, therefore association with HBF will offer various opportunities for growth, although it all depends on the associate his/ her sense of understanding and observations and close interactions with customers, workmen and products, we at HBF will support any commercially viable initiative of our associates.
There are not one but many advantages of being a network associate; all we can say at this point is that you will be a part of the world’s biggest & largest business network! Keep up the excitement we will take you through the journey.
The association is at will and the associate is free to relenquish his association, who can be replaced by an accociate selected by HBF, the association is non – transferable. Any act or activity that is in violation of any law in India will result in immediate termination of association with HBF, the associate will relenquish all rights & privileges granted by HBF forthwith and the associate name and details removed from all public views of HBF and associate entities wherever the associate is having access. The association can also be terminated by HBF in violation of Policy guidelines, rules & regulations governing the association.
Harsukh Business Foundation (HBF) is a registered section 8 company “Not for Profit” organisation, and apart from annual subscription fees, we do not charge any other levies in terms of commissions, share in profits and any other hidden costs or any other charges.