Corporates on a mission dedicated towards the path of social responsibility, who want to play an important role in the lives of the unorganized segment – we provide you with the vision that makes the journey fulfilling and worthwhile.  

We at Harsukh Business Foundation believe in rapid change to transform lives of the unorganized & underprivileged by providing work opportunities using technology thereby enabling them to attain self-reliance. Harsukh Business Foundation is formed with objective to transform the lives of unorganized segment & educated unemployed, by providing opportunities & resources to earn a livelihood.

Our Core Strength is understanding the dynamics of unorganized segment.

union123 (Android Mobile App): We have designed & developed a free Android Mobile Application that empowers individual workmen / women to access work opportunities with location ranging from the nearest to the farthest end of our country. (Can be used even if user has a feature phone).



In the past 20yrs, the growth in India is phenomenal in terms of Housing, commercial infrastructure along with Industrialisation but lagging behind in creating opportunities for the workmen/ women who offer various services that are casual and unorganized. These services are presently being offered by middlemen or service platforms where the provisioning /platform fees is very high – resulting in the service provider not getting his rightful earning.

  • Reference: This is generally the system followed where people from the same community/ village/ surroundings act as employment enablers who provide references to the service seeker – “Though an efficient and secure way of hiring but with limited reach”.
  • Middlemen: This facility is available in major towns & cities where an organisation appoints head-hunters spread across rural areas and act as mediators between the service provider and seeker, where there is huge disparity between payments made to the service provider.
  • Online Websites/Apps: This facility is primarily used by people who are net enabled; the services generally offered are short term in nature, very few online platforms are focussed on offering long term employment opportunities, since their reach is limited only to the urban areas. (Commissions ranging between 15 – 30%)


Evolutionary self-sustaining system that can provide a structure to incorporate and provide wide range of opportunities to informal labour into a broad and dynamic social ecosystem, a system that provides:

  • easy access to both customer and the service provider.
  • Removal of local area/ regional barriers.
  • Economically viable to both the customer and the service provider (No Commissions).
  • Reach of service providers to customers at the shortest possible time.
  • Provide greater advantage and growth to service providers with new opportunities.